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Solar panel LEAF+


Product features

The outdoor solar panel LEAF+ with more than 6 watts power is the new record holder by SunnyBAG. It is the lightest, flexible outdoor solar system in the world and inspires not only outdoor lovers but also everybody who wants to use an independent electric power supply all around the world. Whatever you are going to do - hiking, climbing, tours, cycling, golfing, camping or at festivals - the SunnyBAG LEAF+ offers a flexible solar panel that weighs less than 200 grams.

functioning of the SunnyBAG LEAF+ solar charger

Besides, the solar system is virtually indestructible due to the robust material. It has a scratch and impact resistant surface and holds even in cold weather, rain, snow and wind. Furthermore, there is a 6,000 mAh power bank included, in order to buffer the solar energy for later use. So you can charge smartphones, tablets, video and digital cameras, headlamps and other mobile devices with solar energy, even when there is no sun at the moment. With a fully charged battery you can recharge your smartphone approximately 3 times. For recharging the battery pack with the SunnyBAG LEAF+ it takes only a few hours of direct sunlight.

6 Watt Leistung
6 watts power
flexible solar panel
flexible solar panel
dual port (USB & Lightning)
Micro USB
incl. power bank
incl. power bank
incl. fastening system
incl. fastening system

Mounting and fastening system

An additional highlight is the included mounting system (hooks which are directly installed on the solar panel) and the provided fastening system which includes carabiners, loops and suction cups. This allows you to fasten the SunnyBAG LEAF+ on almost all backpacks, bags and tents.

Compatible devices

The SunnyBAG LEAF+ is designed to charge any mobile device that can be charged via Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning port. With the Micro USB cable which is directly built in the solar panel and the included Lightning adapter, it is possible to charge almost all common mobile devices. Electronic mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, tablets (e.g. iPad), digital cameras, smaller video cameras, mobile gaming consoles, GPS und satellite devices, portable music players (e.g. iPod, mp3 and mp4 players) and many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times

When used in direct sunlight, the SunnyBAG LEAF+ is most efficient in storing energy (using the included SunnyBAG PowerStick) and charging mobile devices via the micro USB port directly because of its maximum output design. But even in cloudy weather conditions the LEAF+ still works effective due to the unique Triple-Junction technology that allows a very good low light efficiency.


ISPO AWARD Winner 2017

The SunnyBAG LEAF+ was chosen between hundreds of submitters to win the ISPO AWARD 2017 in the category "Light and Energy". The  ISPO AWARD - the seal of quality in the industry of sporting goods - is granted every year to the distinguished sports products by a 45 headed top-class jury coming from 13 nations.

Information on delivery conditions

Due to the funding on Kickstarter and the ISPO AWARD we have a very high demand for the SunnyBAG LEAF+. Therefore we want to let you know that you have to calculate with a delivery time from approximately 2 to 4 weeks.


Dimensions/Weight 24,5 x 29 x 0,1 cm / 198 g
Panel technology

high efficient solar panel with 22.4% efficiency on the edges flexible Triple-Junction-Techology in the center

Solar panel power 6100 mWp
Charging technology SunnyBAG micro USB port, lightning adapter and PowerStick
Output voltage 5 volts
Outlet Direct Charger Micro-USB & Lightning outlet in one plug
PowerStick 6.000 mAh, 2 A & 1 A current, 4-stage LED display, LED torch
Compatibility Smartphones, outdoor and action cams, video and digital cameras, tablets, GPS devices, MP3 player, headlamps etc.
Instructions for use Download usermanual for PowerStick