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Outdoor Solar Charger LEAF


Product features

SunnyBAG LEAF - "the lightest, most flexible outdoor solar system in the world" for outdoor lovers and everybody who wants to use an independent electric power supply all around the world. Whatever you are going to do - hiking, climbing, tours, cycling, golfing, camping or at festivals - the SunnyBAG LEAF offers a flexible solar panel that weighs with 180 gram less than a banana. 

function battery charging LEAF solar charger

This solar system is virtually indestructible due to the robust material. It has a scratch- and impact resistant surface and holds even in cold weather, rain, snow and wind. Moreover a 2200 mAh battery - the SunnyBAG PowerStick - is included to store solar energy and use it later. Smartphones, tablets, videos and digital cameras, headlamps and other mobile devices can be charged by using solar energy. As a guideline a smartphone can be fully charged with one full battery. To charge the SunnyBAG PowerStick fully it needs about two to three hours in direct sunlight.

incl. power bank
incl. power bank
highly flexible solar panel
highly flexible
3.2 watts power
3.2 watts power
incl. fastening system
incl. fastening system

Fastening system

As an additional highlight of the SunnyBAG LEAF a fastening system is included which allows the application to 99% of all popular backpacks. Not only backpacks can be spiced up with this lightweight solar panel - also bags and tents can generate electricity. 

The Austrian Alpine Club tested SunnyBAG's product innovation in advance and came to the following conclusion: "For people who need power on the go, a very practical, lightweight and well-executed way". 

Thanks to the sophisticated fastening system, robustness and practical format the SunnyBAG LEAF is one of the most versatile and lightest models of the SunnyBAG collection. On the one hand the SunnyBAG LEAF can be used to have unlimited freedom for all sports and leisure activities and on the other hand it gives security in areas without electricity.

Compatible devices

Das SunnyBAG LEAF is designed to charge any mobile device that can be charged via USB port. Electronic mobile devices such as s martphones, phablets, tablets (e.g. iPad), digital cameras, smaller video cameras, mobile gaming consoles, GPS- und satellite devices, portable music players (mp3. und mp4. Player) and many, many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times




24,5 x 29 x 0,1 cm/ 130 gram

Solar technology

Triple-Junction-Technologie (flexible panel)

Solar panel power

3200 mWp

Battery technology

SunnyBAG USB-converter and PowerStick

Output voltage

5 volt

Output Direct Charger / Power Stick

Standard USB output

PowerStick / battery

2200 mAh, 1 A charging current, LED control button


Smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, gamings, GPS-devices, MP3 players, headlights and lots more