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Charging with solar energy - how it works

The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. Due to the high efficiency of the SunnyBAG panels the conversion process is particularly efficient. This means that as long as the solar panel is exposed to the sun, mobile electronic devices can be charged directly. As soon as the sun disappears or the panel is not positioned to the sun, no energy is generated. 

Storing energy

If you don't want to use the solar energy directly but store it temporarily for a later point of time, you will need a battery pack. You can connect the battery pack directly to the panel and thus store energy until it's fully charged.

Direction of the solar panel

To get the optimal charging result, you should position the SunnyBAG panel at 90 degree tilt to the sun. If the panel lies flat, the efficiency will become worse because less sunlight reaches the panel. If the panel lays against the sunlight like in the right picture only the reflected ambient light can be used to produce electricity.

Loading times

If the panels of the SunnyBAGs are positioned to direct sunlight as outlined above, the charging time for a fully loaded SunnyBAG-PowerStick is 2 to 3 hours. This corresponds approximately to one full smartphone charge. In cloudy weather or low light conditions the charging time for the SunnyBAG-PowerStick increases accordingly. Nevertheless the SunnyBAG-PowerStick starts to save the energy even under cloudy weather conditions.



SunnyBAG products in comparison

The following SunnyBAG products come with an integrated battery pack or with one included with delivery, respectively:

SunnyBAG PowerTAB

All SunnyBAG Business bags


Our models Faction and Explorer can be charged with the DirectCharger via the direct charging function during sunny weather conditions. The SunnyBAG PowerStick is a powerful extra battery pack and we recommend it as  additional upgrade especiallly for our SunnyBAG Explorer and Faction bags.

In cases of long periods without enough sunlight you can easily charge your SunnyBAG-PowerStick via the power supply network (plug with USB port) or directly through using your laptop.


   * Built-in battery pack.

Compatible devices

Our SunnyBAG solar system is designed to charge any mobile device that can be charged via USB port. Electronic mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, tablets (e.g. iPad), digital cameras, smaller video cameras, mobile gaming consoles, GPS- und satellite devices, portable music players (mp3. und mp4. Player) and many, many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.